My First Novella Released!!

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4

“Solace: A Tale of Foxes”, my adult philosophical novella, has been completed. You can read it here in this blog, or in other sites listed below.



Description: A philosophical erotic novella featuring foxes and forest animals [18+]
Status: completed (4 parts) (9700 words)
Tags: philosophy, romance, love, erotica, furry, fox, forest, sex

The project took me around two weeks or three weeks if including the planning process. It was honestly an experimental effort. I see this as a basis for more to come in the future, though it is what many has considered vulgar and amateur. It has been lauded for its writing style and language proficiency, but was chided for its confusing message and ending, which I personally like. It has a pretty interesting story structure and can feel complicated upon completion. Not sure if it is a fault or not but as it does feel inscrutable to some I’d attribute it to my ineptitude. Would strive for a more condensed work! And leave a comment if you dare!

Thanks for reading!!