My Recent Short Writing Efforts!

This is a stand-alone page dedicated to improving the viewing experience of my more presentable writings, in contrast to the ones in the trash dump format.

“Solace: A Tale of Foxes” was completed in March 2018, a novella-length fiction with 9700 words & 4 chapters, featuring foxes and non-linear storytelling. Bizarre experimental effort that can’t quite fit into any particular genre. Note that CH4 contains poorly-written erotic elements.

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Casual Writings:

My Poetry Collection

AI Depictions: Blade Runner & Blade Runner 2049

Snow White: Character of the evil queen

“Land Of Hope” Unfinished (21 chapters, 35,550 words)

– an ambitious novel-length retelling of someone else’s unfinished script, also unfinished and indefinitely adjourned. Not completely abandoned, but I’ve posted the entire draft here nevertheless (Land Of Hope v5 edits).

A collection of my latest writing endeavors either in the form of r/WritingPrompts submissions or just freestyle creative pieces I have the spare time to write. Do note that the “Old Writings Archive” tab features similar posts but older, which means my level of writing displayed in those works isn’t as polished or refined as those in the “My Writings” tab (though the contrary could be said).